Network Source of Truth (NSoT) should run on any Unix-like platform that has:

  • Python 2.7
  • pip

Python dependencies

If you install using pip (which you should) these will be installed for you automatically. For the brave, check out the contents of requirements.txt.

Platform-Specific Installation Instructions

These guides go into detail on how to install NSoT on a given platform.

Virtual Machine Install Instructions

These guides go into detail on how to get running NSoT on virtual machines.

Official Client

We maintain the official NSoT client under a separate project called pyNSoT. PyNSoT provides a Python API client and an excellent CLI utility.

If you wish to utilize NSoT from the command-line, or follow along in the Tutorial, you’re going to need this!

Installing the client is as easy as running pip install pynsot. Setup is a breeze, too. If you run into any issues, please refer to the official pyNSoT documentation.


If you would like to run the demo, make sure you’ve got NSoT installed and that you have a fresh clone of the NSoT repository from GitHub.

If you don’t already have a clone, clone it and change into the nsot directory:

$ git clone
$ cd nsot

Then to switch to the demo directory and fire up the demo:

$ cd nsot/demo
$ ./

The demo will be available at http://localhost:8990/