Quick StartΒΆ

Network Source of Truth is super easy to get running. If you just can’t wait to skip ahead, this guide is for you.


This quick start assumes a lot. If it doesn’t work for you, please skip this and read the Installation guide.

  1. Install NSoT:

    $ pip install nsot
  2. Initialize the config (this will create a default config in ~/.nsot/nsot.conf.py):

    $ nsot-server init
  3. Start the server on 8990/tcp (the default) and create a superuser when prompted:

    $ nsot-server start
  4. Now fire up your browser and visit http://localhost:8990!

NSoT Login
  1. Use the username/password created in step 3 to login.

Now, head over to the Tutorial to start getting acquainted with NSoT!