Mac OS X

This tutorial is designed to get a working version os NSoT installed inside a Mac OS X system. We will install virtual environment wrappers to keep things tidy, and isolate our installation.



It is assumed that you have a Mac, running OS X (written for 10.10.5), and xcode already installed. If you don’t have Xcode, please install it. You may need to agree to a command line license. We suggest running this via command line prior to install:

$ xcodebuild -license


We will put our installation of NSoT inside a Python virtual environment to isolate the installation. To do so we need virtualenv, and virtualenvwrapper. Open a command prompt, and install them with pip:

$ pip install virtualenv
$ pip install virtualenvwrapper

Ensure installation by running a which, and finding out where they now live:

$ which virtualenvwrapper
$ which virtualenv

Next we tell bash where these virtual environments are, and where to save the associated data:

$ vi ~/.bashrc

Add these three lines:

export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs
source /usr/local/bin/

Now restart bash to implement the changes:

$ source ~/.bashrc

Install NSoT

NSoT will be installed via command line, into the folder of your choice. If you don’t have a preffered folder, may we suggest this:

$ mkdir ~/sandbox && cd ~/sandbox

CD into the folder, make a virtual environment, and start it:

$ mkvirtualenv nsot
$ pip install

Once in the folder of choice, install NSoT:

$ pip install nsot

Now you are ready to follow the Quick Start starting at step 2!