Source code for nsot.util.stats

from __future__ import unicode_literals, print_function

Gettings stats out of NSoT.

from netaddr import IPNetwork, IPSet

__all__ = ('calculate_network_utilization', 'get_network_utilization')

[docs]def calculate_network_utilization(parent, hosts, as_string=False): """ Calculate utilization for a network and its descendants. :param parent: The parent network :param hosts: List of host IPs descendant from parent :param as_string: Whether to return stats as a string """ parent = IPNetwork(str(parent)) hosts = IPSet(str(ip) for ip in hosts if IPNetwork(str(ip)) in parent) used = float(hosts.size) / float(parent.size) free = 1 - used num_free = parent.size - hosts.size stats = { 'percent_used': used, 'num_used': hosts.size, 'percent_free': free, 'num_free': num_free, 'max': parent.size, } # - 14% used (139), 86% free (885) if as_string: return '{} - {:.0%} used ({}), {:.0%} free ({})'.format( parent, used, hosts.size, free, num_free ) return stats
[docs]def get_network_utilization(network, as_string=False): """ Get utilization from Network instance. :param network: A Network model instance :param as_string: Whether to return stats as a string """ descendants = network.get_descendants().filter(is_ip=True) return calculate_network_utilization(network, descendants, as_string)